Privacy Notice

We only collect one thing from our users: their ip address. This solely for case someone bypasses our abuse filters (server side) and creates a message which contains does not comply to our rules.

Our rules: go to the main page and click on the red rules word. Except for this, we collect user statistics in one way: a simple counter in the backend (server). This literally only counts and doesn't collect anything else.


Except for the counter above, we don't collect anything. No, for real, the person behind this is very privacy conscious so they'd rather collect only the neccesary things.
No google analytics (*throws up*) or any other tracking bullshit, period.


We employ good methods to keep data secure. Not going into details but the usual stuff like a good firewall, antivirus software, intrusion detection and prevention system, web application firewall and more. There is only one person allowed/authorized to be on the server this site is hosted on, so only one person should be able to have access.